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JMFA is positively working on environmental issues related to metal working fluids.
 Zenkoyu NET Welcome to our home page Zenkoyu NET, presented by JMFA.

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Metalworking fluids have been utilized at every industry. Metalworking fluid manufacturers make extensive efforts to research and develop high performance products for the strict customers' requirements and contribute to the achievement of world leading technology and quality of Japanese industrial products such as cars and steel products.

Recently environmental issues have lately caught considerable attention in the world. Metalworking fluid manufactures have united to develop environmentally friendly products day and night.

The English website "ZENKOYU NET" has been released to the world in order to provide and exchange the technical information including the environmental issues among overseas enterprises in the metalworking oil industry. "ZENKOYU NET" will expect not only sharing of the information of environment effects and but also expanding of related business.

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